Mr. SALT-E Mint


Sometimes its nice to get a different vape juice flavor to help mix it up every once and a while. Well, Mr Salt E Mint helps bring a new and refreshing taste that you may not have had yet. The mint flavor is a tasty experience that you have to experience. This incredible flavor is not just deliciously tasty but, it also has an added bonus benefit. It leaves your mouth feeling cool and refreshed without the worries of bad breath! So, if you are going on a hot date, skip the gum and pick up Mr Salt E Mint!

Just take one vape and get ready to be greeted by a pleasant taste. Mr Salt E Mint has a flavor that will remind you of your favorite mint gum. Upon initially vaping Mr Salt E mint, you will taste the refreshing cooling effect of the mint that is perfectly balanced with the nicotine salts. Some say it reminds them of a light menthol cigarette and others say it reminds them of Wrigley mint gum but, we say it taste like perfection. Don’t get caught not vaping this amazing delight and pick up some Mr Salt E Mint today.