Naked SALT


Naked 100 Salts as you well know is the hottest vape juice brand in vaping, with a wide ranging assortment of offerings that spans fruit, tobacco, menthol, candy. The folks behind Naked 100 Salts took one look at the growth of popularity in vape pod mods and the lack of perfected flavor blends and saw an opportunity to provide us with an superior experience. So what can you expect from Naked 100 Salts? The new Naked 100 Salts E Liquid comes in 30ml bottles and in 35 milligram or 50 milligrams of Let's take a closer look.


Lava Flow Salts - Naked 100 Salts E Liquid Lava Flow gets a new take on life, the best known flavor from the Naked 100 E Liquid because a salt based nicotine brew. The most powerful mouth to lung and vape pod mod experience to be had can be found right here within Lava Flow Salts by Naked 100 Salts E Liquid. Take your love of this amazing brand to the next level and don't look back, welcome to the new age of vaping. Primary Flavors: StrawberryCoconutPineapple

Frost Bite Salts - Naked 100 Salts E Liquid: Tropical flavors powered up to the next level is what you'll experience in Frost Bite Salts by Naked 100 Salts E Liquid. Frost Bite Salts takes cantaloupe, honeydew and pairs it up extremely well with a touch of menthol. Spiced with salt based nicotine this transforms Frost Bite Salts into the perfect mentholated pod mod ejuice. Cool your pod and experience a satisfaction unlike any other menthol pod juice can provide, welcome to Naked 100 Salts E Liquid. Primary Flavors: CantaloupeHoneydewMenthol


Brain Freeze Salts - Naked 100 Salts E Liquid: Freeze out inferior eliquids with the new Brain Freeze Salts by Naked 100 Salts E Liquid. A delicious combination of kiwi's, pomegranates and a smooth yet cooling menthol. Nothing in the nicotine salt based ejuice category even comes close. Brain Freeze Salts stands alone in the mouth to lunch and pod mod juice category. Enter the evolution of one of the best vaping experiences to ever be had. Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Pomegranate, Menthol


Really Berry Salts - Naked 100 Salts E Liquid: Your pod mods have never quite experienced this level of flavor. Really Berry Salts by Naked 100 Salts E Liquid serves up a combination of blackberryblueberry and lemons to provide you with a truly juicy one of a kind experience that mouth to lung vapers and pod mod users have long wanted but was never within reach. Naked 100 Salts E Liquid makes this attainable from one of the most trusted and respect names in ejuice. Take a puff and accept that the next wave of vaping is here thanks to Naked 100 Salts E Liquid. Primary Flavors: BlackberryBlueberryLemon